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1 Hangman

2 Mute

3 Lacuna

4 You Throw Light

5 Elephant

6 Thirty One

7 Playact

8 Negative Space

9 Curtain

10 Obscura

With roaring, caustic distortion, and calming ambience, Lehnen’s fifth studio album, “Negative Space”, explores these concepts without pulling any punches – or giving many answers. Rather, it raises questions and peers into the abyss of depression, if only to proclaim that no one has to feel alone.

Reaching Over Ice And Waves

RELEASE DATE: May 28, 2015

1. Immer Fremd
2. How's The Tires?
3. Horsetooth
4. Nightdrive, Mile High
5. Isolation
6. Away
7. Estes
8. TCK
9. Grey Like Travel

Lehnen was founded by two Americans and two Austrians residing in Austria’s capital, Vienna. They play loud rock music using sonic textures and song structures predominantly found in ambient/ post-rock. Their fourth full-length studio album, „Reaching Over Ice and Waves“, explores the concept of how living in or traveling between different geographical locations affects the identity and development of an individual. The record conveys what it is like to be a foreigner hanging in the balance between two cultures, constantly home-sick regardless of where one goes, paradoxically, finding comfort and familiarity in travel, as travel itself becomes a sort of “home”. Flights, layovers, and airports are warmly welcomed- they are the connector between the traveler and the people and places at the end of the journey.

I See Your Shadow

RELEASE DATE: Sep 13, 2013

1. Death Angel
2. Eighty Years
3. Acceptance
4. Thomas
5. I See Your Shadow
6. Breath
ing Machines
7. Draw What You Know
8. Figures
9. Take Me Home
10. Deadhymn

Lehnen: Joel Boyd, Martin Konvicka, Matthew Prokop, Stefan Sieder. All songs written, performed and produced by Lehnen. All Lyrics by Joel Boyd. Recorded by Lehnen and Ronny Dangl at S.T.R.E.S.S. Studios Graz. Mixed and Mastered by Will Benoit at Radar Recording Studios. Additional Recordings at mBox Studios & Tape Attack Studios. Field Recordings on "Breathing Machines" and “Deadhymn” by Matthew Prokop. Spoken Word on “Acceptance” by Miriam Neubacher. Spoken Word on "Death Angel", "Thomas", and "Take Me Home" by Irene Wildvank. Drawings by Hannah Korbitz. Photography by Sarah Neubert. Art Concepts by Joel Boyd and Hannah Korbitz. Layout & Design by Stefan Sieder. Special Thanks to: Ronny Dangl, Will Benoit, Tom Zwanzger, Martin Grabler, Hannah Korbitz, Sarah Neubert, Miriam Neubacher, Karin Boyd, Julia Pichler, Zuzana Sieder & Marlena Sustala. Thank you for purchasing this record! Love, Lehnen.

We Were Made For Destruction

RELEASE DATE: Jul 8, 2011

1. I Can't Save You
2. We Are A Passing Car
3. Home


RELEASE DATE: May 21, 2010

1. What Is In The Air
2. White Flowers
3. Bucket And Broom
4. To Hell
5. Coma
6. Loom
7. Make Believe
8. Awake
9. Ghost Town

When everyone else is sleeping, a whole new world opens up to the one who is still awake. For those who choose to stay up, as well as those unable to fall asleep there is time to reflect, to digest the events and emotions of the day. Alone, but not necessarily lonely. Undisturbed, yet not always peaceful. If a person wants an honest glimpse of himself in the mirror, then this is perhaps the best moment to look.

The majority of songs on this record were written between midnight and the early hours of morning. Each one explores subject matter from a perspective of seclusion. Often dark and dismal, the sound is meant to convey the feeling of isolation while the city sleeps- the feeling of being the only one awake.

Almost Awake

RELEASE DATE: Dec 16, 2009

1. What Is In The Air
2. Coma

3. Make Believe

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